Exodus – Week 2

February 20, 2022
In week two of our series on Exodus, Dr. David shares how God is introduced as a deliverer, and rescuer. We discover that God is willing to deliver us, like…

Can These Dry Bones Live

January 30, 2022
For everyone who feels abandoned by God, forgotten by God, or disconnected from God, God has a reminder for you. Based on Ezekiel’s strange vision in Ezekiel 37, Dr. David…

New Years 2022

January 9, 2022
With so much uncertainty these days, how do you enter the New Year with hope and optimism? Dr. David shows us how from the book of James.

The Hood

December 12, 2021
Today’s message focuses on an important topic for churches: deacons. What is a deacon and what role do they have in the church? Looking at I Timothy 3, Dr. David…