Guest Guide

On your first visit to anywhere, it’s common to feel slightly apprehensive. How long will it take to get there? Where will we park? What should we expect? How long will we be there?

Here’s a little “Guest Guide” to help set your mind at ease!

What time does the service start?
Our services meet in-person and online every Sunday morning at 10:45 AM.

How long will the service last?
The worship service usually lasts about an hour and is very upbeat and encouraging.

What should I expect during the service?
Well, rest assured, we will not point you out or ask you to stand. Yikes! You are welcome to just come in and relax. Heads up though…this is a pretty friendly place, so someone will say “hello” to you! At some point in the service, you will be given an opportunity to complete a guest information card. This will allow you to communicate with us and it will allow us to thank you for being our guests!

In the service, you’ll sing the same songs you hear on Christian radio as well as some hymns. And hear a biblical, relevant message from our pastor.

At the end of the service, make your way to the Connection Center where our pastor will meet you, greet you, and give you a gift. He would love to meet you!
What about children?
Children are an important part of our church! You are welcome to have your children join you in worship. For children under 3, care is provided during the worship hour.  During the school year, we have Children’s Church.  Bring your children in to Worship with us in song and then we will help the kids to Children’s Church!

Do you have Bible studies available?
Bible studies are available for the entire family Sundays at 9:30AM.  We call this time iConnect. We also offer other Bible studies during the week.
Where are you located?
So you’d like to come check us out? Great! We are located on the south side of 50th Street between Quaker Avenue and Indiana Avenue. Our physical address is 3601 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79413.

Where should I park?
We have Guest Parking located in the south parking lot. Just follow the Guest Parking direction signs and they will take you right to it. Handicap parking is available.

Where do I go once parked?
A sign will mark the way to the entrance. Friendly folks will gladly help you find your way to the auditorium or to the common area where coffee awaits.

What should I wear?
Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some people in traditional attire and some dressed more casually. All are welcome!

See you Sunday?

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