Election and Voting Resources

Are you registered?

Deciding Who to Vote For

The last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the Christian’s responsibility as it relates to government and voting. We’re called to be salt and light and being salt and light means that we’re to be the conscience of the nation; we should shape the conscience of the nation. One way to do that is by voting. But sometimes, we’re not sure where to start. As you head to the polls this fall, here are some helpful resources as you prayerfully consider who you’ll cast your vote for in November:

Voting by Mail

Certain voters can vote early by mail (over 65, sick or disabled, or you will be away from your county during Early Voting and on Election Day).

  • Application for Voting by Mail: In Texas, apply here for a mailed ballot in the county in which you are registered to vote. Your application must be received by the Election Administrator by Friday, October 23.
  • Mailing Your Ballot: Lubbock county’s Election Administrator must receive your marked ballot by Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day) at 7 PM.

Where Do They Stand?

You may find out where each party stands on issues here so that you can make an informed decision when you vote.

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